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Access Scaffold

Oct 2020

5 Brindley Place, Birmingham


32m high Access Scaffold for roofing works.

The scaffold has been designed to span 18.75m between the tie loactions at the ends with the use of plan bracing all at every lift due to the main facade being glazed. For further stability, the scaffold is double width  ( 2400mm wide ). The scaffold also incorporates an 8.85m span using 700dp alu. beams over the exisitng entrance canopy and an 8.0m span using 450dp beams over the roof at high level for access.

Consideration to the applied loads at the base was necessary and in some areas, steel beams have beem designed and supplied to span the voids in the basement level between the existing internal steel beams and walls.

A total of 5No. working design drawings and 4No. sets of CADS Analysis were produced to design the scaffold.

Erection time: 10 days