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Suspended Access Platform & Bridged Walkway

Oct 2017

Heatrae Sadia, Norwich


An internal 100m+ length suspended access platform to enable access to replace the existing roof was designed to allow for the optimum working clearance for both manufactoring at ground level and for the mobile crane operations at the higher level. These clearances were critical due to the limiting tolerances available. Therefore 450dp aluminium beams were used, spanning between hangers from the existing roof trusses. During discussions with the Structural Engineer on site, it was apparent that the truss, in its current state, would not support any addtional loads imposed form the scaffold. Therefore ratchet straps were used to tie the truss together at the eaves level to prevent any possible spread.

An external bridged walkway was required to span the existing service road from the building to the site compound as tor provide sufficeint access for the removal of waste material from the site. To aid the flow of site operattive  ' traffic' , the scaffold wes designed to be wide enough to be segregated inot a ' one way in '  and  ' one way out ' system.The walkway is freestanding and therefore required a substantial amount of kentledge at the base of the buttressed scaffold.