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Ascot Racecourse

Dec 2013

Ascot Racecourse, Ascot


Access Scaffold

7 lift high Access Scaffold to the perimeter of the Internal Atrium area, incorporating a decked  ' dance floor '  at the top lift and also a lifting frame. 

The scaffold is bridged at the base in two directions to optimize, as much as possible, the maximum public and on-site vehicle access through at ground level. 750 deep beams are used here to achieve this.


Cantilever Scaffold

2 lift suspended Bridged Access Scaffold from Cantilevered Beams to the top two existing floor levels of the open Atrium.

The cantilever beams occur at 7.0m centres with bridged beams between to minimize disruption and obstruction at the cantilever level.

The hangers are constructed using a  ' cluster '  of 4No. vertical aluminium 450 beams.